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Make sure you take classes you’re genuinely interested in.

This ensures you can make and maintain quality conversations around the topic that connects you.

The best thing about bookstores these days is they’re usually integrated with a cafe or even a music section.

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There are numerous varieties of dates, from the sweet and firm Jumbo Medjool dates to the small and caramel-like Barhi dates.

Large and moist organic Medjool dates are a real treat. Drenched in luscious semisweet chocolate, these jumbo medjool dates are dressed to impress. Dates were first cultivated as far back as 4000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia.

Naturally flavorful and low-in-fat, these organic dates are a healthy way to satisfy a sweet craving. You might not be in the position to ask someone on a date, but you can offer to share these diced Medjool dates! They have been a staple of the Middle East since then and were more recently introduced to other areas of the world.

Taller palm trees are more difficult to harvest because lifts must be used to reach and collect the fruit bunches from the trees.

The bunches on shorter trees can be shaken into bins to remove any ripe dates.

100 free online fruit of love dating site