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Fingers crossed a long night's sleep will restore me and the antibiotics will eventually kick in.11 a.m. Throat feels worse than yesterday, so I gargle with salt water, make a pot of coffee, and another smoothie with my frozen fruit and yogurt. My mom calls to see how I'm feeling, and we chat for a few minutes about the concert last night. I feel better after a shower, and decide to walk the 50 or so blocks to his parents' apartment. — Spend an hour helping the BF self-address envelopes for co-op applications.

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I kill time drying my nails for longer than necessary because I'm not meeting the BF until 7. we don't have time for dinner beforehand; he buys a granola bar, and I snack on trail mix I took from work while we walk to the train. p.m. So happy we got to see it, and psyched we got the discount.I'm a much more tentative person and just don't feel ready to think about living together and planning a future.It's not exactly the way I saw this night going, and I suddenly regret leaving my bed! — After tabling our big talk until we can be alone, we go to a Puerto Rican family restaurant in the neighborhood.His sister joins, and I order chicken mofongo, which tastes amazing.Considering this is the first real meal I've eaten in two days, it's salty and so delicious.