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They are held back by issues such as impotence, infidelity, and unplanned pregnancy.Their lives are further complicated by their jobs, money troubles, and moving in together.Our favourite animal An exceptionally nice courtyard, informal but very attentive staff and delicious, mostly meat, dishes. Everything here is just very, very well done, everything except for the meat. Fabulous Wine bar Facciola just breathes Italian charm and generosity. She serves delicious fresh pasta, cheese platters to die for and only the best wines. Delicious French food art Perfectly Playful in every aspect. No need to be afraid of Korean ghosts Classy and cool, the interior of Daemon is a mix of Asian decorations and geometric forms. The staff is very, very competent and the dishes absolutely delicious.The menu, the staff & the delicious food all together contribute to a wonderful playful, joyful experience. Regardless what you have ordered – all options look and taste superb. A nicely styled interior, superb dishes, good wine, friendly service.They are played by James Nesbitt, Helen Baxendale, John Thomson, Fay Ripley, Robert Bathurst and Hermione Norris respectively.

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It was also nominated for the Rose d'Or and a Banff Rockie Award.

All six episodes have been released on VHS, DVD and internet media formats.

The end of Jenny's pregnancy approaches, and she becomes increasingly irritated by Pete's enthusiastic preparation for the birth, such as his route maps to the hospital and his expert knowledge of labour.

This long list of keywords best describe the Pantry.

The food matches the surroundings: modern and utterly delicious.