hellofashion is a continuous collection of ‘moniquevanheist-classics’, set up to challenge the fashion system.

This over time expanding collection of garments, accessories and lifestyle products like furniture and recipes is available for unlimited time.

Well, Piper is one easy to romance character (And the only one I tried.).Remember that even if you fail the Charisma check while persuading, the affinity still will be calculated, should you fail to convince two people to stop fighting each other, Piper will still love that (Well, at least you tried.).She also likes it when you talk positively about love in front of her.When talking to individuals through the wasteland, make sure to choose the peaceful dialog options and avoid selfish and violent ones.For example if someone says "Hey, let's split this 50-50," just accept it and do not try something like 70-30 (Referring to the quest Diamond City Blues).