5 dating tips for busy people dating kate mcreary

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with the people you’re dating, so even if you only have one or two nights a week to meet in person, you can still connect daily. Weekdays are all about earning money, weekends are all about sleep, friends, family, or still earning money. Well, recent research from the ONS shows that people in relationships score higher on the happiness scale than singles. In the annual Love Geist survey conducted by match.com, we found that people in love were more motivated to do well at work, and felt they achieved more, than their single counterparts. Online dating gives you the freedom to look for love from the office, your mobile, the gym – anywhere.

And I’ll be honest – busy people have always been, and will always be, more desirable than people with nothing to do. There is nothing more important than your happiness, surely? Having a partner behind them gave them the strength to succeed. And once you’ve found it, you can creatively carve out time to meet; breakfast coffee-dates, lunch or grab an early bird dinner at 6 o’clock then head back to work if you have to!

In fact the best relationships occur when two busy people collide – they don’t get stuck in a rut, they move, share, grow and learn together.

And they understand and tolerate the pressures on each other.

But just because it's hard to understand doesn't mean that it's hard to cultivate for yourself.

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And don't be afraid to switch up your strategy. Sometimes the prospect of “getting out there” can feel daunting.So let’s operate on the premise that you do want to date, or even get married.How do you reconcile this desire with the fact that your career is crazy and making time to date sounds like a pipe dream akin to training for a marathon or cooking home-cooked meals? With your hectic schedule, getting around to dating when you feel inspired means it will rarely happen.But, when you meet the right partner, everything changes. The two of you will be far stronger together than either of you are separately.The right partner will make you feel confident, and you’ll find yourself striving for new goals you’d have scoffed at yesterday. Before you meet the right one, you’ll never realise how limited your single-mindset might be.