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Your Committee believe that this usage and custom exist in all Masonic assemblies and organizations. The only Record of the organization of the Lodge appears to be this — " Blue Hill Lodge met at Masonic Hall, &c., and was opened in the third degree in form, W. If a regular officer is absent, his place is filled by appointment, and the records show the fact, and by the letters p. (pro tempore,) indicate that he occupies the office temporarily.

Formerly, and until within a very few years, it was the universal custom to place upon the record the names of every member and visi- tor present, and this custom still prevails in many of the Lodges in this jurisdiction.

The Records appear to have been neatly and carefully kept, ex- cept in one particular. Records of last meeting read and approved/* It has been an immemorial usage among Masons, to record the names of all Brethren filling the different stations and offices, at meet- ings of their Lodges.

Your Committee have examined the By-Laws of Blue Hill Lodge, and find them to be in accordance with the Constitutional regula- tions, except in those parts where your Committee have made amendments.

The Dispensation, Records, &c, were returned, and Petitions for Charters presented by the following Lodges, Viz: — Mount Olivet Lodge, Cambridge ; Pioneer, Somerset, and Blue Hill, Canton. Your Committee find that the Records and By-Laws of Mount Oli- vet Lodge are in all respects such as are required by the Grand Lodge, and in conformity with the constitutional requirements, and they there- fore recommend that a Charter be granted as prayed for by the Peti- tioners.

The Committee to whom were referred the Petitions of certain Brethren praying to be constituted by Charters into Regular Lodges as follows : — ^At Cambridge, by the name of Mount Olivet Lodge ; at Canton, by the name of Blue Hill Lodge, and at Somerset, by the name of Pioneer Lodge, respectfully REPORT: That they have examined the Dispensations, By-Laws, Returns, Records, and Registers, presented for the approval of the Grand Lodge.