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Slack was built for small to medium-sized teams but many people (including us) are using it to build communities. Slack requires you to manually invite each person or batch upload a csv of email addresses.

There's no way to just give someone a link to join. 😸@rrhoover @stewart @buster @aunder I think it makes sense for Slack to consider how to deal with communities as many are using them for their go-to place to communicate (evidence on Hamster Pad! But as their focus from the start has been the way companies use Slack then it may have gone on the back-burner for the time being.

[x XOak Poke Master Xx has just logged into the chat room] [Burning Flame has just logged into the chat room] [Berry Great has just logged into the chat room] Burning Flame: But I beat you... o( ̄ー ̄)○☆ [Heart Of Gold has just logged into the chat room] Heart Of Gold: Hey guys WAZ UP?! Just Green being a [This comment has been blocked due to offensive language]...

x XOak Poke Master Xx: Shut the [This comment has been blocked due to offensive language] up, Barry. Silver Killer: Shut up before I knock you into last week.

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But I trust you Matt and have added a few Slack groups 😛@bentossell @rrhoover @stewart @buster @aunder 🙌 Boom!It would also be awesome if there was a place in the Slack Oauth where we could write out specifically why we are asking for the permissions we are asking for.We are all about being as transparent as possible, I would hate for someone to not want to use Hamster Pad because they get scared off by [email protected] @rrhoover yea totally agree, explored it a bit now and I think the social layer is killer. Social networks dethroned chat as the number one way to socialize online.For years now, social networks have completely overshadowed chatrooms as the number one way to communicate with people. There are chats about startups, fasting, podcasts, coffee, psychedelics, and even Portland. We thought we’d go ahead and fix them: 1) Chatrooms are difficult to find. 3) You have no idea what chatrooms your friends are in.This is why we have created Hamster Pad, the social network for chats.