Aj rafael cathy nguyen dating

As an individual, my projects consist of video collaborations, upcoming performances and teaching dance.

I met Cathy almost a year ago at my cousin’s wedding in California last December.

Jasmine Rafael may be following in her brother AJ’s footsteps in the music industry, but she’s also been making a name for herself as a dancer.

She’s part of a singing group called Blyss (with fellow You Tubers Cathy Nguyen, Kat Badar and Jenny Suk), and she’s also part of a dancing group called Paper Dolls (videos can be found on her You Tube channel).

You have a million views on that video and 2 million views on your “I’m Yours” cover. Were you shocked when you realized that you were becoming You Tube’s next superstar? To think, I started off like everyone else, WATCHING videos of people singing & performing, looking up to these people & enjoying watching their love & passion for music.

& clearly, with the support of my family & friends, & really just through word of mouth, here I am, living my dream!

How untouched our lives would be if we’d never seen Filipino prisoners dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” or “David After the Dentist? They’re part of the new wave of You Tube celebrities; their fansites are all over the Web, they have audiences from all over the world who give them feedback and their songs are heard everywhere—from i Phones in Ontario Mills to shared PCs in Southeast Asia.

What advice do you have to give readers on handling it all?

I remember my mom teaching me songs as I was growing up & that’s all I’ve been doing since.

I never really considered on actually pursuing music as a career until my senior year of high school.

I mean, not as a “Youtube superstar” haha, but I mean, being able to meet & work with these wonderful & talented singer/songwriters that I’ve watched & was [& still am! C: Well, you can probably see me next on a You Tube video! Other than that, I have a few shows lined up for the next couple of months.

All that information will be updated soon on my Myspace music page.

Aj rafael cathy nguyen dating