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It was not an intimate setting, but it was spectacular and perfect, an unforgettable moment.I got married on September eleventh in South Hampton, NY at an estate called Whitefield.I had a very specific vision of the wedding I wanted - a sprawling green lawn, a white tent outdoors, a classic and elegant affair. It was raining in the days leading up until the wedding, but on the morning it was perfectly clear cloudless blue skies. It was intimate and emotional, a day I’ll never forget.My dress was custom designed by Dolce & Gabbana as a wedding gift. Before the wedding I had a sleepover with my mom at a hotel.We had breakfast in bed together before my best friend came over for giggles and childhood reminiscing. My grandmother was ill at the time and I placed her Virgin Mary statue at the beginning of the aisle, in the fountain, surrounded by flowers.Six of my closest girlfriends from childhood, to high school and college friends, to recent city friends were my bridesmaids.The Mardi Gras club is also committed to preserving and celebrating the rich traditions of Mardi Gras by hosting a beautiful street parade and grand Carnival Ball.

Athena was, perhaps, the wisest, most courageous, and certainly the most resourceful of the Olympian gods.We immediately developed an intense relationship that was not romantic, it lasted for two years before we began dating.A side of myself came alive when I met Victor, a free spirited kooky-playful side I never even knew existed within me. I suppose I knew we had something special immediately.Advertisement recognition at casino prize location, Gala video and audible recognition at the event.I met Victor while I was bar tending at the Tunnel night club.