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He points out that the chairman of the republic's parliament, Vasif Talybov, is himself a Kurd.In late 1947, then-Communist Party of Azerbaijan First Secretary Djafar Bagirov proposed establishing a Kurdish autonomous region in the north of the then-Nakhichevan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic to replace the Kurdish autonomous region that existed in Lachin from 1922 to 1931.In what may be a further sign of the newly cozy relations between Moscow and Baku, a Yaroslavl court has given the green light to the extradition to Azerbaijan of a former National Security Ministry official from Azerbaijan's exclave of Naxcivan who had sought asylum in Russia.Ibragim Musayev says he fell foul of his superiors after learning from a colleague of a clandestine shipment of weapons from Baku via the Naxcivan airport to Turkey's banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).By that time Azerbaijan had already issued an international warrant for his arrest, which took place one month later.Long, Complicated Baku-PKK History The documentary evidence Musayev claims to have obtained from Zeynalov of Azerbaijani government involvement in supplying weaponry to the PKK serves yet again to highlight Azerbaijan's seemingly ambivalent relationship with that organization.In June 2002, the National Security Ministry finally issued an official statement denying that there was a PKK presence in Azerbaijan.But at the same time that statement revealed that no less than 33 members of the PKK had been apprehended on Azerbaijani territory in the previous few years.

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The views are the author's own and do not represent those of RFE/RL.National Security Ministry personnel photographed her naked in bed with him and then blackmailed her into abandoning her protests over her husband's death.Sickened by the demands made on him, Musayev left Azerbaijan for Russia in September 2012 and in early January 2013 formally requested refugee status there.On that occasion, parliament speaker Oktay Asadov responded that once the Turkish parliament declares the PKK a terrorist organization, Azerbaijan will follow suit.In the context of the purported shipments of weaponry to the PKK via Naxcivan, Musayev notes that many Kurds occupy senior government posts in that autonomous republic or own banks, construction companies, and hotels there.