Bald men dating service

Those authors of the study (and even that media outlet that published it) can go screw themselves.The key thing to remember is that the dating site profile they created where the photo showed the guy balding still got responses. Plus, dating site profiles are based on photos and some very limited information about interests and career.Gorillas are the largest of the primates and share 98-99 per cent identical DNA with humans, and are considered highly intelligent.Lowland gorilla Koko was famously taught sign language by artist Richard Stone.Personality is going to play a large part in a guy's success with women out in the real world.Personality and that crucial thing called confidence.

If someone were to do the same study on fat women, everyone would be after them for being insensitive. If physical attraction wasn't an issue and bald men could equally attract beautiful women as men with full manes then I don't think balding would be an issue at all.

Well last weekend, I attended a great metal concert, talked to several women there, and power-lifted at the gym.

Hardly the activities of some one who feels totally inadequate because of hair loss!

Its just not fair to screw with peoples brains like this.

Its a little hard to feel confident when there is shity research out there like this one. I want them to try this same stuff with fat people profile, and then see the sort of response they get for their so called research.