Blackberry calendar changes not updating

If you are subscribing to a Teamup i Calendar feed that contains multiple sub-calendars, the colors for each sub-calendar on your original Teamup Calendar will be lost. Paste the feed address you copied from your Teamup Calendar, by pressing CTRL V, and click Add. In the Folder Name box, type the name of the calendar as you want it to appear in Outlook, and then click OK.Instead, you can assign one color from your i Phone/i Pad for the entire Teamup Calendar feed. When you start Outlook, it checks Teamup Calendar for updates and downloads any changes.We will only test that our feed works in the most common environments.The Details for DOWNLOADING and syncing a SCHEDULE: Would you like to be able to import your team(s) schedules into your other calendars, and automatically sync when those schedules change? This website provides a Live Calendar "Feed" which allows programs like Microsoft Outlook®, services like Google Calendar™, or devices like the Apple i Phone™ to import and combine with your other calendars.How to Link a Team Schedule to Your Outlook Calendar 1.Open the Team Calendar page on your team website 2.Google Calendar usually only updates their feeds every 24 hours (or more).

The live calendar feed from this website has been set to update no more frequently than every 20 minutes, however.

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There are literally thousands of software applications, website services, and devices which could potentially be used to import the calendar feed.

It is impossible for us to test each of these scenarios, and it is also impossible for us to guarantee that your scenario will work as expected.

Blackberry calendar changes not updating