Body language of dating

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Pointing Knee Another leg crossing variation happens when the leg is tucked under the body and sat on with the knee pointing toward a man of her interest – the “pointing knee.” This also leaves the inside of the thigh exposed and is particularly alluring when wearing a skirt – especially a short one!Tucking one leg under the other when seated can be taken as a sign of interest.If a woman is sexually aroused her skin will become more sensitive.This occurs because blood rushes to the surface of her skin.In this case, though, the signals are broadcast advertisements casting a wide net to men at large._____________________________________________________________________________________________ Uncrossing And Re-Crossing Legs Or Leaving Legs Uncrossed If a woman crosses and uncrosses her legs rather slowly she is adding more to her sexual display.It is an informal position signifying relaxation and comfort with the situation as it makes a quick escape next to impossible.This shows men that a woman is not frightened or concerned about making a quick exit.

Bending over might be thought of as much too overt, but it often happens quite inconspicuously and quite subconsciously.

Incidentally, high heels also have a similar effect.

Not only do they correct posture forcing the hips forward and the shoulders back, they also make the calves and legs more firm and create the illusion of length – a youthful appearance.

Women have other tricks for being noticed such as skin tight leggings and jeans.

These are also rump displays as it showcases their assets on full display in a more socially acceptable way.