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Teachers too often hear students complain about reading, but this activity will only produce excited chatter about books.

I am a caffeinated educator with the incredible privilege of teaching high school English and serving as a school leader.

At the close of the semester, this activity was rated by students as one of their favorites, so I thought I would share how I set up this activity with my high school students in case others want to give it a try with their students this fall. So let's start with the most important aspect of this whole activity - the books.

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Speed dating books can be adapted to any grade or reading level, and the planning and prep time is very little.

Today my students will speed date books on Valentine’s day complete with chocolate and candles. As a follow up to speed dating, I carry the analogy further by discussing dating the book.

A book may start slow but grow on you as the more you read it, so I encourage students to not give up too quickly on a book.

After students have completed the process, they will rank books deciding which book to begin reading immediately and which ones to add to their reading list.

I have experimented with book speed dating several ways.