Bookmarks vanish when updating firefox

Note that "plans" means that Mozilla may postpone the cut.Development may not be ready when Firefox 57 is going to be released -- on November 14, 2017 if the schedule holds -- or there may be other things that forces Mozilla to postpone the change.

bookmarks vanish when updating firefox-81

To complement Quantum, the Photon team rebuilt Firefox’s interface to be faster and more modern: You’ll hear more about Photon in November, but highlights include redesigned menus, square tabs, and a new “Library” button that acts as a single place for your bookmarks, downloads, history, etc.A few highlights: a major milestone in Project Quantum, but we’re not done.Future releases of Firefox will include Quantum Render, a brand new, GPU-optimized rendering pipeline based on Servo’s Web Render project, and Quantum DOM Scheduler, a new technique that ensures that tabs in the background can’t slow down your active tabs.To celebrate, we gave Developer Edition a brand new logo: Why does this feel like a brand new browser? Developer Edition now includes “Quantum CSS,” an entirely new CSS engine written in Rust and based on the Servo parallel browser engine project.Additionally, the “Quantum Flow” team tracked down and fixed 369 performance bugs in Firefox, with a special focus on responsiveness and UI interactions.