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Thankfully, we have someone doing this as we speak.

It WILL make Golgorand and the Lionel Gate battles far easier. The whole reason for me having 4 Geminis was this one battle, and I BARELY won the damned thing. Oh, and as a completely shameless plug, the game recognizes February 21st, my birthday, as Pisces. You may find that you don`t have nearly enough money to afford all of these units right away, which is fine.

Version 1.3 - Ok, I`ve had my fun with chococid for the time being. You will gain 2 Brave points this way, and as everyone knows by now, Brave is the lifeline of the Calculator. The other thing I`d like to point out is that Algus doesn`t need to be superpowered like Delita for you to get through Chapter 1. If, however, you want to level him up for an easier time, consider trying to get him to Delita`s setup through the battles at Mandalia and Sweegy.

My apologies, and hopefully it was all taken in jest. Version 1.2 - I finally got off of my lazy ass and got down and dirty with fixing some things. ), falcon815, and Sopranotek were the big helpers in this aspect, though I left it "gam", for humor purposes. To a lesser extent, chococid deserves some credit, as well, as he was one of the many who provided random theories for each battle, and in some cases, they were indeed rather helpful. It will, however, take awhile, and it`s virtually unnecessary. Units to Use: Ramza your three weakest Squires Objective: Defeat all enemies Difficulty: 1/10 This battle is a snoozefest, and the only real challenge is that Red Panther being at your level.

Also, when I first wrote this FAQ, I sat for a long time with my credits, because I KNEW I had forgotten someone. This is your chance to get him some last-minute JP to get him what he needs. The Sweegy Woods --- Enemies: 1 Red Panther, 2 Bombs, 2 Goblins, 1 Black Goblin Enemy Levels: Equal to yours Units to Use: Ramza your three weakest Squires Objective: Defeat all enemies Difficulty: 3/10 Help!

Sure enough, I accidentally left out Mike (you may know him better as Mooglelicious). This battle can actually look tough with all of those powerlevelled enemies! I can still slap on Item, and Delita is currently, shall we say, God.