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While the rest of the world was chomping on chips and gluing their unblinking eyes to a TV on Superbowl Sunday, I was busy debating the relevance of the term “sex toys” on Twitter. It started with an interview question I received via email last week.

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Call something a “dong” and nobody wants to fucking put that inside themselves.

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you’ll notice that I prefer to call things what they are.

As I was trying to articulate why I favor the term “sex toys,” Metis Black (president of Tantus) chimed in with links to this article she wrote in 2008 and the ensuing butthurt response from AVN. In the case of the sex toy industry, where we have to claw and fight to even be seen as legitimate at all, this is immensely important.

Therefore, I like “sex toys” because it is straightforward. I’ve always considered the word to be all-encompassing, but I can see his point.

Still, every other option for that slot kind-of sucks.

These days it is hip and trendy for companies come up with their own cutesy little terms — “pleasure objects,” “erotic toys,” “love toys” — which are obviously marketing ploys more than anything else.

Nataly deeply rims Henessy, sodomizes her with a thick toy and butt-fucks herself with an even fatter vibe.

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