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Almsot all guys say this on every forum Ive read: women dont know what they want and are crazy essentially. OK, first point--the "bad boy/bad girl" thing has been done to death, and I believe we can mainly agree that being attracted to that while ignoring the "nice guy/nice girl" is a feature of unreal expectations.

Often times college aged girls have orgies and sex all the times and hang out with abdboys at the local biker bar, and when they get older they realize they want to settle down before its too late and finaly the nice guy or geek or dork who never got any poon gets married and gets kids with her, only cause she had to not because she cares for him in any way, and often times she will continue seeying badboys on the side and divorce him later tkaing his kids awayf rom him and making him pay alimony or child support. "He/she will be bad to other people but realize how wonderful I am and be nice to me while I enjoy his/her bad boy/bad girl drama." WRONG!

So, the mature person (of whatever age) knows better than this and seeks someone who will add good things to your life, not drama.

Many people of both sexes don't know what they want.

The opposite sex is a wonderous creature...learn to enjoy it! What was the manner in which the rain was swept from the porch?

Was it done in a fastidious manner, causing her to feel her potential beau was flaming?

and yes, there are a lot of things to be learned about observation of one's doing.Indeed, the forums are for discussing issues, venting and ranting - not for finding your spouse. They being the one who is noticing all the flaws.hahaha yeah some women are like that I feel I have to be selective to a certain degree as I have a child.If I think someone is going to be a time waster or not a positive role model for my child then what is the point of me going any further xjx Women say they want a nice guy but in reality they want someone to dominate them cause it makes them feel exciting.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.pershing Here's some advice, no matter how great a person you may be writing garbage like this WILL show up in your profile so that's a "big deal" and good enough reason for some girl to NOT want to write you. And don't think us women DON'T read what you guys write in the forums. Pershing, may I suggest that you just stop posting?Would you write a woman who said all men were perverts and jerks? Sometimes you just gotta back up, shake it off, and move on. Do your breathing..thru the nose..thru the yourself....