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However, it didn’t matter, because there were other cameras behind Frankie: The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” crew, who happily put the footage in the first season of E! If you’re wondering how a fifth-grader knew about “Girls Gone Wild,” it’s because her older half-sisters (Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian) were in Mexico on a photoshoot for Joe Francis’s famed brand in the same episode.

The Kylie incident may have been a big joke to the producers, though it certainly helps explain the public fascination and concern surrounding Monday, otherwise known as Kylie’s 18th birthday.

Kylie, on the other hand, lives for the cameras and craves attention.

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Follow the Channel Islands Eagle Cam - Nest Observations forum to read ongoing updates about activity in the Bald Eagle nests.She’s also stayed in the spotlight simply by living the absurd life of an incredibly wealthy teen.According to Kylie, her Kardashian empire cash flow was cut off at age 14; ever since, she’s lived off the millions in endorsement deals (engineered by her mom of course).The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan — the most shameless fame-loving family in America — is officially an adult.And thanks to her parents and siblings’ penchant for publicity, there are only two ways things can go from here: She could continue to follow in the footsteps of her sisters and remain a multi-millionaire brand; or the fame could cause lots of problems.