Catholic dating a divorced person

She would be expected not to have premarital sex, or use contraception.

Within marriage, she would be expected to use Natural Family Planning if that was appropriate.

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A) No, civil divorce does not mean a person is excommunicated.

A civil divorce in itself, while tragic, does not damage a person’s communion with the Church, and so divorced persons can participate in the entire sacramental life of the Church and they are encouraged to widely participate in the life of the parish.

Thanks [/quote] I think she'd need an annulment before you could date her.

Even if she could get an annulment, are you sure you want to date a non-baptized person?

If you ever got serious, wanted to marry, there would be raised all kinds of issues.

This has no effect on the civil aspects of marriage, divorce, alimony, or on the status of the children. All cases are processed in the order the Tribunal receives them. A) No, the process in each case is the search for the truth of the question of validity on the day of the marriage.

This is done by the presentation of testimony and evidence.