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Teleportme is an open source project which aims to connect people through an automated and always-on portal - transport your inter-offices, meeting room, or common area communication across large distances with a Face Time powered portal.

The Teleportme portal is a fantastic way of keeping remote offices linked.

On the software side it's a Bash Shell Script (.command file) that runs on system startup and does the work behind the scenes to open the connection and keep it alive.

There's no hard-and-fast rules for this - but here's the hardware that we're using at Paper Cut.

On startup teleportme.command is automatically started and permanently runs in a Terminal Window.

New and transfer students will be asked for their Chico State ID and date of birth to claim their account.

Your Chico State ID can be found in your acceptance packet from the Admissions Office, as well as in other correspondence from Financial Aid and/or the Student Records & Registration Office.

Like a modern-day global water-cooler, but without the water... Skype, hangouts, or facetime calls are great in regular usage too, but people tend to think 'oh the person is too busy, I won't bother them'.

With Teleportme set up, it's a lot more relaxed and allows people to wander past the portal (if you set it up in a well-trafficked area) and catch up with people at the other site who are also near.