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home goods tray // romwe lips necklace // la mer collections gold watch // michael kors watch It was Mike’s birthday last Tuesday, but he was on an overnight school field trip, so we celebrated this past Saturday.We tried a new-to-us restaurant in Palo Alto called Tamarine and I’m happy to report, it’s a good one!For this tutorial they used an actual photograph of their product but the same principles will apply when you use a pdf or other flat product design file. To get started, it’s important that the image you are working to incorporate into the styled image is from the same view point and has similar light direction.This is the original image that we are starting with. I’ve been dreaming of sunny days and spring time for the past couple weeks, especially with all the rains we’ve been getting here in northern California.

iphone case // forever 21 makeup bag // amazon scissors // sandals forever 21 striped tee // factory sweater // american eagle shorts // sandals // coach crossbody love this simple display on my dresser.Lots of options for both the vegetarian/vegan and the meat lover.The rest of the weekend included a trip to the mall, park time with Lola, a run at the track, and a whole lot of NBA playoff games. Since the start of the SC Stockshop, the most popular item in the shop has consistently been this pretty little pink and gold desktop .Funny enough, it also happens to be the first styled desktop I ever shot.