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On The Junia Project, we talk a lot about the egalitarianism/complementarianism debate in various parts of life – Church, marriage, community, family – but there is another part of life that we haven’t really addressed… Now, on one hand I feel like I shouldn’t be the one writing this – I mean, I don’t date a whole lot, and I am far from having anything “figured out” in that arena. We had a lot in common, including growing up in Southern California and coming from large Christian families.

But on the other hand, I do have some experience with the egalitarian/complementarian debate in romantic relationships. We met the second semester of our junior year of college, and we fell in love When it came up, he said he thought I wasn’t “honoring Christian doctrine” in my beliefs about women in the Church and in marriage.

But that relationship, and topic of our breakup, had a big impact on me.

Since then, all sorts of new thoughts have entered my mind about dating. ), In a way, they were symbolic of his underlying mindset that men lead and women follow, that men provide and women are provided for.

is Co-Founder of The Junia Project and Associate Pastor at Wellspring Free Methodist Church in Bakersfield, CA.

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In this sense, it is an act of service, and they don’t get offended when I open doors for them as well. Speaking from my experience, I know that it is extremely hard to have this conversation when you are a few years in and deeply in love.

Is that too one-sided, or are they on to something? However, I have the conversation at the beginning of the relationship, only to have the guy take it back in the end. While I do not get upset or offended when someone adheres to cultural dating norms, I often wonder if I should.

Hopefully we can have a discussion that is helpful for all those egalitarian singles out there. In an equal partnership, how do we deal with issues of money?

Should the person who initiates the date buy the meal?