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Be gentle when asking this question so not to offend. What is your date’s family background and place of origin?

Find out which country your date is from and where his or her parents were born.

What a person does for a living can say a lot about who they are. Is the work that she does life threatening or dangerous? It’s important to know where your date is now and where he or she is headed in the future so you can know if you want to go along for the ride. How many serious relationships has your date had in the past and why did they end? Does your date blame all of the failures of the past on the other person or does your date take some responsibility?

Find out if the lifestyle required by his job meshes with your lifestyle. It is often advised not to bring up past relationships on a date with someone new. Past relationships shouldn’t be discussed on the very first date but before you get too emotionally invested you should learn about your date’s past. The things your date says about past relationships can give you insight into patterns he or she has in interpersonal relationships.

Here are 7 rules that should always be followed when dating someone.Try not to be overly flattered by your date’s compliments and don’t become prematurely attached because the two of you love the same sports team.Get to know what kind of person your date is and if he or she is the kind of person you want to continue to invest time and energy in.Did he or she grow up as an only child or with siblings?Are your date’s parents still married, if not which parent was your date raised by?