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Those revealing numbers don’t change the fact that the hookup culture in college is becoming more common.Students face interesting new problems when engaging in hookups rather than typical relationships or dating, as they might deal with emotional confusion, concerns about reputation, or hookups fueled by alcohol or drugs – which could lead to a whole other host of issues, such as forgetting to use a condom or doing things that might lead to embarrassment in the harsh light of day.Although it might seem like everyone is doing it, the truth is plenty of students aren’t.A study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln found that 84 percent of college kids talked about hooking up, but only 54 percent of them actually had sex during the school year.

Consider this general rule: If you are too intoxicated to trust yourself to drive a car, you may be too intoxicated for sexual activity.An important part of sexual health is a positive, respectful approach to sexual relationships.Having a healthy sexual relationship with someone is one of the great joys of life, but it takes mutual understanding and common beliefs in order to achieve it.Many factors might come into play and blur boundaries, from excessive alcohol consumption to peer pressure.Even the most trusted friend or partner can come close to crossing the line, so it’s good to identify situations and signs that things could get out of control. Sharing a bed is not an invitation for physical contact, and even if there is physical contact, it does not make the situation sexual.