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Colt and Walker collaborated on the design of an improved .44-caliber gun, and General Zachary Taylor ordered 1,000 Colt revolvers in 1847. Coltsville included the world’s largest private armament factory along with parks, orchards, a railroad depot and even a beer garden for German immigrant workers who lived in replica Swiss cottages. The Colt Single Action Army handgun, better known as the Colt .45, was not released until a decade after Colt’s death in 1862. Colt introduced a 10-hour day for his workers and mandated one-hour lunch breaks. Dubbed the “Peacemaker” and “the gun that won the West,” the Colt .45 served as the standard service revolver of the U. The following year on July 4, another of Colt’s experiments set a building ablaze at his Amherst, Massachusetts, school.In the 1840s Colt returned to his youthful experiments and partnered with telegraph inventor Samuel Morse to improve waterproof cables. A ship voyage as a teenager gave Colt the idea for a revolver design.

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Opened in July 2011, the Greg Martin Colt Gallery features one of the finest collections of Colt revolvers anywhere. The gallery also interprets the story of Samuel Colt’s revolutionary invention of the repeating revolver. It reopened 10 years later as a Historic Site administered by the U. Park Service, and today includes one of the world’s largest and finest collections of primarily military firearms.

Ever conscious of building his brand, Colt even trademarked his sprawling signature. Colt produced his own version of July 4th fireworks.

As a teenager, Colt experimented with gunpowder and electricity.

In one painting, Catlin even depicted himself on horseback wielding one of Colt’s “revolving pistols” to gun down buffaloes on the Plains.

Colt also hired authors to pen stories about his revolvers for magazine features and traveled the world to present heads of state with lavishly engraved, gilded pistols. After Colt presented an Ottoman sultan with a gold revolver, the Turks ordered 5,000 of his pistols.