Consolidating loans wells fargo

Credit unions in particular have some great rates for those who qualify.

One of the best we found during our research was USAA, a military credit union that covers not just military members, but also their families — even down to grandchildren and beyond (provided that their parents have USAA insurance).

Lenders will provide you with an APR, but you can also calculate it yourself with a calculator like this one.

And while banks and credit unions offer this kind of loan, we chose to focus this review on online lenders, for a few reasons.

First, because of their structure, online lenders are better suited to offering personal loans than banks are.

But each caters to a different credit score range: Prosper, an online marketplace lender, is right in the middle with a credit score cutoff at 640; Avant is willing to go as low as 580; and the average So Fi borrower has a credit score of 700.

If you have the credit score to qualify for all three, we suggest finding out what rate you can get from each — because that’s the other thing that’s great about our top picks: Each will quote you a rate with a “soft pull” on your credit, so shopping around for the right lender for you won’t even ding your credit score. By that we mean, there’s no difference between a specific debt consolidation loan and a generic personal loan.