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The 21st-century Ivoirian economy is largely market-based and relies heavily on agriculture, with smallholder cash-crop production being dominant.

The official language is French, with indigenous local languages also widely used.

w=462&h=420&crop" width="462" height="420" data-original-width="462" data-original-height="420" itemprop=" title="Coat of arms of Ivory Coast" alt="Coat of arms of Ivory Coast" style="width: 462px; height: 420px;" / Flag of Ivory Coast / Côte d’Ivoire " data-medium-file=" Ivoire.svg1_-350x233.png" data-large-file=" Ivoire.svg1_.png" src="https://i1com/ôte_d Ivoire.svg1_.png?

w=630&h=420&crop" width="630" height="420" data-original-width="630" data-original-height="420" itemprop=" title="Flag of Ivory Coast / Côte d' Ivoire" alt="Flag of Ivory Coast / Côte d' Ivoire" style="width: 630px; height: 420px;" / Ivory Coast is a republic with a strong executive power invested in the President of Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast became a protectorate of France in 1843–44 and in 1893 it became a French colony as part of the European scramble for Africa. Coat of arms of Ivory Coast " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" src="https://i0com/

It maintained close political and economic association with its West African neighbours, while at the same time maintaining close ties to the West, especially France.

Today, it is believed that after Nigeria and Ghana, Ivory Coast is third in Internet Scams in Western Africa. Monson announced the construction of Ivory Coast's first temple during the Sunday Morning Session of the 185th Annual General Conference.The Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) is home to approximately 20 million people including over 22,000 members of the Church.Over the past few years, Church membership growth in Côte d'Ivoire has been among the highest in the world.The number of members and congregations has multiplied in this West African nation where thirteen stakes and twelve districts operate.