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Or is there affiliate partnerships or advertising revenue you can go after?While not compulsory, it would be advantageous to join the Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA).For example, if your site is your older professionals you may be able to charge a higher fee than one targeted towards a younger age.As mentioned above, you may also need to consider a freemium model as reports show that only 15% of people pay for online dating services currently.Throughout your website’s lifespan, it’s also important to roll out limited time offers and discounts to grow your membership base.For example, members of receive a month’s free membership if they haven’t “found love” within six months while new subscribers to dating direct receive three days’ unlimited membership for free.

Combine this with an online dating industry that, according to Mintel, will be worth £165m by 2019 and you could have a perfect business match. The dating market is becoming increasingly crowded.If you do give access to your app or site for free – you’ll need to think about other ways to make money.If users don’t need to pay to join, what add-ons or extras might they be enticed to pay for?Dating app usage stats, however, prove that people are generally disappointed with online dating experience, do not treat dating apps seriously and expect app developers to take measures against registered sex offenders.Discover how to create a dating app that will actually resonate with users.