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Clayton Rose, ’81, wasn’t necessarily looking for a mate when he enrolled at Booth. “We were trying not to get called on.” They postponed dating to concentrate on graduating but quickly met up in New York after starting their financial service careers.

That same study put the median age for first marriage at 27 for women and 29 for men; the median age of a Booth student is 27.8.

Given those numbers, it’s not surprising that an informal look at alumni data finds well over a thousand current couples who either met at Booth, came to Booth as a couple, or followed one another as students.

It appears that in romance, just as much as in finance, the Chicago Approach works.

Free sites like Ok Cupid don't have that advantage, so don't be surprised if you're a single woman on the site, and some guy messages you with an extremely scrubby and/or mercenary line – e.g. " Or: "Hey, can you give me any advice on finding a job? Such tensions are less pronounced in Oakland, where a larger portion of the populace belongs in the 99 Percent.

Still, there's a certain unease that comes with knowing someone's net worth before you actually meet them.