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I know I have some old-fashioned ideals, so what do you think?

If you found out a guy you were dating had kids, would it bother you? Or would his family situation be a complete deal breaker for you?

I have been told many times even by my ex that i am an amazing father (that compliment means more to me than anthing else that could be said). This is why women want to make sure you are divorced and moved on. OP, as a guy, I have to admit I am curious: why do you want to date a woman without children if you personally have one? See, I bet you didn't know you knew the answer all along ... It's the life you left behind that I would worry more about. It's a funny phenomenon when men won't raise another man's baby but expect a woman to help him raise his own child.

I have not been in the dating scene in 6 years and was wondering if women without any baggage would get involved with a guy who has a little baby. And calling children baggage.....whoever told you that you are an amazing father...lying. Do you have money problems, criminal record, can't get a job, emotional problems, will you be fighting with the baby's Mom a few times a week? Again I go back to gorillas who sometimes kill the offspring of another male.

I guess it's a common dream among women, and I hate to admit this but dating a guy who already has kids doesn't really fit into that picture.

In my dream world I would rather have my own child and my partner to experience for this the first time with me but I would not rule someone out because of it ..

depending on other particulars As long as I am not expected to play mommy ..

they already have one of those and if I did not feel like a replacement for hire then I don't see any problem with it .

No harm no foul.outlier; you're right, there are women who complain.........which i think is ignorant; I think part of it is........have to talk to your ex.........which of course you do; you had kids together; and you have to discuss things with them....if you don't even like each other anymore...if a man doesn't have kids; there's no guarantee that there isn't an ex. I can understand how women may avoid a man with children.^^^ not avoiding men with children...think its the other way round...voiding most of us.

ur ex will always be part of your life for only the childrens sake..she should understand that.