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If you wish to view the active links for the artists included on this page, just scroll down or click on the letter (G).The most recent works of art included on this page are by well known international painters, illustrators, watercolour artists and or original printmakers.It was, in fact, Gillray's delightful invention of Napoleon as a 'manic midget' that was crucial in forming public opinion against his aggressive military activities.

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As many of the etchings were direct attacks upon many social customs and upon the religious and political powers of the day, they were simply too dangerous for public perusal.These are only a few of the artists featured on this page.We provide search links to different Categories ranging from old master engravings and original fine art to speciality collecting such as animals, botanicals, genre, maps, military art, posters and advertising, satirical art, sports and many other interests.You can also link to pages focused on the century you prefer or by the artists' nationalities.Featured Artists: We have included a brief artist biography on this page for Francisco Goya and James Gillray. You can scroll down or press on the name links to go there.