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Capricorn man hardly changes his views, he cannot act without reflecting on his actions.In turn, he is irritated by Aquarius woman's carelessness that she is easily thrown from side to side.All of his traits are ones I can see myself spending my life with.He can be very shy at times (which i find rather attractive), and I always try to make him laugh cause I noticed when I do that he lets his guard down.I did walk away from him in the beginning, but he wouldn;t let me go and he has shown and proven himself and I have grown more in love with him,,we are taking our time but he has taken down those walls and I am open to him... I am ready for this venture with my Capicorn man IDK what to say about this Capricorn man i really like.

But she must understand that it is impossible to change a Capricorn man - one can only pull him out of balance, and the consequences will be very destructive.Cap men are very reserved and keep their feelings to themselves all the time. When he looks into my eyes I can see that he genuinely cares for me.I've been trying to court him for 6 months and he has still said he is trying to get to know me.Oh ya by the way he was chasing me for 18yrs before we got together.I am a Capricorn guy in a relationship with an Aquarius girl and i am not controlling.