Dating china chow

They planned to marry one another before a small party of invited pals.(Reeves had always been rumored to be gay, but always maintained his heterosexuality)unknown date Keanu Reeves dated Melissa Pearcy.1999 - 2000 Keanu Reeves dated Jennifer Syme. The pair splits a few weeks after her death, but remained good pals afterwards.Xxoo Make it great.” LENNON’S CHINA TRIP Imagine Julian Lennon dating China Chow.It’s easy if you try, but sources close to the 49-year-old Beatle spawn say, “They’re just friends.” Lennon was seen holding hands with the 38-year-old actress at his photo exhibition at the Dream South Beach, and the pair also attended events at the W Hotel, SLS Hotel and Soho Beach House over the weekend.Between starring as Gerard Butler’s love interest in “Playing for Keeps,” landing a bit in “Hitchcock” and marrying Justin Timberlake, it would seem Jessica Biel is doing okay.

“Jamie was telling him, ‘C’mon you need to not be so white.’ They were having a lot of fun together,” the source says. to the tunes of DJ Dimitry Mak and ordered endless bottles of Champagne they shared with an endless parade of admirers. “The plates kept coming out and we didn’t know when it was going to stop,” marveled one patron who watched Phelps scarf down wings, chili cheese fries and whatever else floated his way.IT TAKES 2 TO ‘DJANGO’: JAMIE & LEO Live from New York — it’s Jamie Foxx live!After his hilarious hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live,” where he played piano, sang and rapped with 2Chainz, Foxx bailed on the show’s official after-party with the cast and hightailed it to Chelsea to give Leonardo Di Caprio some much-needed dance lessons. Kristen Stewart is set to play Ben Affleck’s love interest in directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa’s new comedy “Focus.” A film insider tell [email protected] there will be “passionate love scenes” between the two, and Affleck was “rooting for her to play the lead the entire time.” PHOTOS: CELEBRITY CHEATING SCANDALS PHELPS IS STILL HUNGRY Michael Phelps has retired from swimming, but not from eating.One powerful Hollywood agent blames Biel’s camp for choosing the wrong roles.“I don’t know why she keeps doing those bad romantic comedies,” the 10-percenter tells [email protected]