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Naturally I was curious, because it takes either masochism or extreme confidence to ask someone who just eviscerated another dating service to review yours.According to their website, TDR offers three-month and six-month matchmaking packages, costing ,000 and ,500 respectively.He was said to be "looking for a woman who is independent, smart, and unapologetically liberal.He would love to meet a girl who is creative and has true opinions of her own." I was skeptical, because lots of men say that they want "real" women without realizing that "no makeup" often still means, like, a pinch of blush and concealer, and "true opinions" include ones that might combat their own.

I also wanted someone who wasn't a total garbage human being when it came to texting, which in New York City meant that TDR had their work cut out for them.

Coincidentally, the day before our appointment, I had just gone through a small breakup, and, due to watching the movie Serendipity too many times (twice), I crankily took this as a sign.

"If you want, you can match me up as well," I said, already plotting both the future romance and the screenplay adaptation of my life (I really want Alison Brie to play me, if any casting directors are reading this).

Jarry: If you had told me that at some point in my life I'd be matched by a professional matchmaker, I would have laughed in your face, but here we are.

In August, after I wrote about a party thrown by "elite" dating app The League, a "white-glove, personalized matchmaking company" named Three Day Rule contacted me on Twitter, saying that they'd love to match me.