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We need information from you to make sure you are still eligible.

We want to talk to you on [date and time of appointment].

We are sending this letter to alert potential Clark class members about this court case.

We will tell you in another letter if you qualify for back payments or if we need to talk to you before we restart any payments. If You Have Questions If you have any questions, please: The office that serves your area is located at:[SSA field office address]Please have this letter with you if you call or visit an office.

After processing class relief, the System sends the class member an individualized notice, using existing language, explaining the Clark relief that we did or did not provide.

Use the paragraphs in the chart when sending a title XVI RZ appointment notice to potential class members for determining title XVI eligibility factors for the Clark period.

Fill-ins: This exhibit illustrates how an individualized Clark Court Order RZ appointment notice could appear in SSTNG and DPS.

You can locate the Clark RZ Appointment Notice is in the post-entitlement folder in DPS.

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Because of the court case, we no longer suspend or deny payments based solely on the existence of a warrant for a probation or parole violation.Debe informarle que usted está respondiendo al aviso, Clark v. Social Security Administration After processing Title II class relief, send the class member an individualized notice, incorporating one of the paragraphs in this section, explaining the Clark relief that we did or did not provide.Title II Redesign (T2R) and MACADE/MADCAP systems automatically utilize the appropriate language in this section.Si usted habla español y no entiende esta carta, por favor llame o visite su oficina local de Seguro Social.Un representante de la oficina de Seguro Social le explicará esta carta.