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Browse multiple profiles or set your filters and find singles who are eagerly looking for the same things as you are. Feel like chatting with somebody but none of your friends is online?“But as a straight woman, it is fun to flirt with lesbians, because of the heightened level of ambiguity, which I think is part of the joy of flirtation—that tiny mystery, the wondering about potentiality, that eternal ‘what if? Plus, there's an element to flirting with someone of the same sex that is totally different than with the opposite sex: There's a more instant camaraderie, which makes for more instant shared language, which makes for more instant inside jokes, which is what some of the greatest flirtation is composed of.” Though the cross-orientational flirtations I’m most familiar with (and encouraging of) tend to be ladies only, the phenomenon is by no means confined to straight-girl-on-gay-girl action.I know because my own wife engages in this same sort of lighthearted, low-stakes flirtation with heterosexual men. They’re safe.” Lauren Payne, another queer female friend who flirts with dudes, explained the appeal thus: “Flirting with cis, het dudes is something that society teaches us how to do.If you are among those who love losing themselves in the virtual world, you will love this game. At my day job, which allows me the freedom to scrutinize the public from behind the safety of a cash register, I can generally guess which girls are queer, because the queer girls never meet my eye.