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At some point these fell out of favor for indoor use probably after some unlucky participant put his eye out or damaged the parlor decor.

Think of them as the Yard Darts of the 19th century.

Prior to 1992 we have information that, while missing some years, may be helpful to you in determining the age of your gun.

If your gun was manufactured in or after the year 1992 then the first 3 or 4 digits of the serial number will allow you to determine when your gun was manufactured.

The new .22 short had a longer case than the 22 BB and packed a whopping 4 grains of black powder.

The projectile was also redesigned to have a conical shape and flat bottom.

There were problems reported with this round quickly fouling up rifle barrels and it never gained popularity.

I wonder if they ever baited the field with a bit of cheese or bread crumbs.

Or if you really insisted on going out of doors there was always the veggie patch where you might even bring down a crow or take out a small bunny with a well placed shot. Okay that's the last Christmas Story reference I promise.

The .22 long was well received and soon rifles were also being chambered in the round for use in small game hunting.

In 1880 the 22 Extra long cartridge or 22-7-45 was brought to the market to provide and even more effective small game rifle round.