Dating in 2016 in nepal

Then, in the tropical south there is abundance of jungle and with its low elevation and humid climate, it is the perfect destination for wildlife tourism.

Safaris to see tigers, Indian rhino and elephant, clouded leopard and red panda are very popular.

I mingled with the hippies who had settled on Freak Street in downtown Kathmandu.

It was a real adventure and going into the Himalayas had the cachet of being a trip into the wild.

For example, the Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini is believed to be the spot where Buddha was born.

But Nepal is not a mass tourism destination, it still has that exotic appeal and is a mecca for adventure activities, mountains and wildlife.

Their hard working, entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with an extraordinary selflessness on mountain expeditions has made them legendary around the world.

This courage and honour is also associated with the Ghurkhas, hill tribesmen who fought the British in 1814 during the Gorkha Wars and had a reputation for their fearless military prowess.

Sherpa means Man from the East and they traditionally crossed the Himalayas from Tibet to settle in the Khumbu valleys near Everest.

There are nearly three thousand in the Kathmandu valley alone.

Visitors face another limitless choice of heritage and history to explore.

It will be welcome news to the Nepalese people who rely on tourism to make a living, following a series of disastrous years where the country hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons: plane crashes, fatal avalanches and earthquakes.

Nepal may have suffered a lot recently, but it is still one of the most popular places for adventure travel thanks to the diverse geography of the country – it really does offer everything.