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My first real love at the age of 14 was not a girl, but a kestrel chick I stole from its nest. After all, none of the children at school wanted the geek who loved nature to come to their parties. Even in my 20s, when I moved into TV as a presenter on the BBC’s Really Wild Show, which was made for a young audience, the thought of having a family of my own didn’t cross my mind.That all changed in 1996 when I met Jo, a friend of a friend. I liked her immediately, but at 35 I was still enjoying my freedom.Those pictures remain close to my heart to this day.From then on, Megs, or Mini-Beast as I affectionately called her (today it’s ‘Beast’ in a nod to her age), just became a part of my life, especially when, a few months later, she and her mother moved in permanently.Indeed, she did both in the space of 24 hours when she was just five, accompanying me to an Undertones gig and a meeting with Princess Anne at an opening for a charity of which I was trustee.To my delight, I found that all the things I already enjoyed were made more fun and more special because Megan was part of it.Jo’s only stipulation, quite rightly, was that she wouldn’t introduce me to her daughter until she could be sure I was going to be a more permanent fixture. That afternoon, Jo made some excuse about needing to do some errands and left us alone to get to know each other.

I've only worn it a couple of times but I love it - it's my one extravagance.Definitely one of the nicest and humble gentleman in TV #ripmightyoake QVgo MGX— Charlie Webster (@Charlie CW) May 26, 2017Sad to hear David Bobin has passed away. Will always remember his kindness to me when starting out. I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend and certainly not one with a child.But we started dating and over the months our relationship became more serious.