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Routing from the originating network to the Recipient necessitates the adding of the NPRN in front of the called number.The originating TSP must add its CDP-ID in front of the dialled INA number, i.e.

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When you generate a customized file, there is a "history" parameter allowing you to apply also your selection criteria to history data.

The Number Holder is not necessarily identical to the Service Provider.

The Number Holder / Service Provider must then go to a Telecom Service Provider (INA-TSP) to implement the number. The direct routing principle applies to Value Added Services (VAS) and Directory services numbers allocated by OFCOM to the number owner according to the Individual Number Allocation (INA) rules.

Practically, this would be one of the Carrier Selection Codes (CSC) allocated by the regulator to every TSP (or Teldas can allocate a dummy in the format 103xy).

There are different types of CDP-Ids, depending on the traffic origin: OFCOM publishes a list of INA numbers with the Number Holder (link: https://