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This is an important issue with the people of Iran. Faces seem to tell a story and are quick to smile…especially when they see a film crew from the USA. And all this complexity is the result of a long and tumultuous history.Actually, we found that the easiest way to get a smile was to tell people where we're from. The National Museum of Iran helps to give an appreciation of this country's rich heritage.

Knowing we're here to explore social and cultural dimensions rather than contentious political issues, the Iranian government is allowing our work.From architecture and art to faith and everyday living, "Rick Steves' Iran" offers a rare, candid, and humanizing look at a powerful and perplexing nation. "Rick Steves' Iran" is a travel special that explores the historical sites, major cities, small villages, and modern-day people and culture of this country.Viewers will see how the Iranians, three decades into their Islamic Revolution, are living.The collection starts in prehistoric times, back when nomadic hunters were becoming farmers.This bronze plaque featuring Gilgamesh dates from about 1000 B.