Dating made in japan

Perhaps you are wondering why I would want to give you tips about finding and collecting a Christmas item in the late summer.It is wiser to collect and search for snow babies anytime but the yuletide.The incredible popularity of Satsuma ware and the eagerness of collectors to find pre-Meiji pieces led some manufacturers and dealers to deliberately misrepresent items' age and origins.

Early in the twentieth century these artists also began to incorporate western techniques and styles, including perspective and muted colours, It is placed above any signatures or stamps.

So go to estate sales and living estate sales and even flea markets and keep your eyes open for these little darlings.

I believe the ceramic bisque snow babies were preceded by an edible confection called Zuckerpuppen or sugar dolls, which were made as far back as the early 19th century to adorn cakes, the christmas tree and even as holiday decor.

The intense popularity of Satsuma ware outside Japan in the late nineteenth century resulted in an increase in production coupled with a decrease in quality.

Collectors sought older, more refined pieces of what they erroneously referred to as early Satsuma.