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But it got worse and became so bad that at times I couldn’t walk or sleep properly.

The pain was excruciating, worse than childbirth — sometimes the only way I could get about was to crawl.

As part of the year-long trial we did a check-up a week after the treatment, then every month and then after a year.But this meant the muscles weren’t getting exercised so weren’t strong enough to support my spine properly — which added to the pain as there was so much pressure on the damaged discs.I was given physiotherapy and steroid injections but after two to three weeks, the pain would return.In 2013 I asked my GP to refer me to a specialist and went to St Bartholomew’s Hospital, in London, a few weeks later.I had an MRI and an X-ray which revealed I had chronic spondylosis, where the discs in the spine were crumbling away so my bones were rubbing against each other and pinching my nerves. The doctor said that my brain was also sending messages to stop the muscles in my back being activated, to stop me moving and prevent pain.