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After all, quality time is everything that he wants to spend with you, right? However, in case he takes you out and plans a very special evening, then make sure to shower him with heartfelt appreciations. He wishes to be loved- at the same time he is afraid of being tied down. As much as I think daily horoscopes are so overly generic and sometimes change the way we interpret our days as they can become self-fulfilling prophecies, I've always found the characteristics that describe each star sign to be spot-on.So even if you are together, gift him a large crossword puzzle to solve.Don’t be surprised if he jumps with joy, like a kid and hit your face with it, rolling it up.Sagittarians, as the star icon suggests with both man and horse, have dual natures to them.This results in conflicting personal needs and a lot of back and forth — one day I want this, the next day I want the complete opposite.Costly dining and wining is not his definition of romancing her dream girl.He would rather love to take you to fun places, such as a joggers’ park, a tournament and amusing parks. You need to understand that relationships can be tough for him.

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You can also find him occasionally probe deep into a logical explanation of everything that he sees around him.They take interest in a number of subjects, ranging from politics, entertainment, sports, world cuisines, to name a few.They can be great conversationalists and keep on talking for hours.Sagittarians are also a fire sign, meaning we're not pushovers and what we want is what we tend to get (or at least throw all caution to the wind in pursuit of).When it comes to loving, liking, sleeping with or even considering showing interest in a Sagittarius, these are the things you need to know ahead of time.