Dating sites for pot heads

& "words" (not whole heads)...(flexible sheet molds, manuf. At the moment I'm working on a Terra Cotta pot for my "Secret Garden" using a large sun face.

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The blue domed pendant in the "newest stuff" folder of my photopoint site TLC is made from a spoon. I bought 2 of each size I wanted so I could bake them at the same time. This is one of the ways I was thinking of for making a wall too, especially since my son has a cool, rubber sheet mold comprised of lots of individual, small-rock molds. (If lots of different variations in the marbling were used, or bits were added here and there before flattening into a sheet, it might look fairly realistic; wish I had time to try it.) Diane B. Call to order first, and for any additional information; ....Baby I Love You Stork, Baby stroller, Rattle, Block, Rubber ducky, Sheep, Rabbit, ....Stocking, Angel for All Reasons Angel and minature snowman, Valentine heart, St.Patrick clover, Flower, Watering can, Birdhouse, Flag, Watermelon, Apple, ....Teddy bear, Pumpkin, Turkey, Class Creations Chalkboard, Schoolhouse, Open book, Pencil, Eraser, Apple and bookworm, ABC's, School bus, ....