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I was looking for something of a bit higher quality.Dating in Panama City was suppose to be better quality than back home…Food is not much cheaper either when compared to the United States. I struggled to find restaurants I liked during my time in the city.

Casco Viejo is outside the city center, but a tourist area and offers numerous lodging options as well.

Panamanian girls rarely see a well dressed, backpacking playboy from a Western Nation.

The Colombian Hookers: When you arrive in Panama City most tend to think the average girl is hotter than she is due to all the Colombian hookers.

I threw on a button down and walked toward Calle Uruguay, one of the bar districts in PTY. We finally met in a dark street and she greeted me with an angry look. I was staring for a moment too long and she gave me a look. In my mind, I was thinking this is what I came for. I teased her ruthlessly about how much she undersold her English abilities.

She said she was just testing me to see if I was trying to learn Spanish. I figured she was a lost cause as something about the vibe just wasn’t on.