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Some archaeologists speculate that this might refer to the city's ancient water system ― whose source was the Gihon Spring ― which is a tourist attraction in "David's City," outside the walls of today's Jerusalem.

The first thing that David does after he occupies the city is make it his capital. Certainly there were more suitable sites for the capital of Israel.

The Jews became a nation there, when they made a covenant with God, promising "we will do and we will hear." The nationhood of Israel is defined, first and foremost, by its communal relationship with God and by the Jewish people's historic mission.

And it turns out that there is no better place to relate to God than Jerusalem.

King David is one of the most important figures in Jewish history.

Born in 907 BCE, he reigns as king of Israel for 40 years, dying at age 70 in 837 BCE. Some people like to focus on the warrior aspect ― the chivalrous warrior fighting for God ― but when his persona and accomplishments are considered as a whole, it is his spiritual greatness that shines most of all.

The spring is accessed from inside the city by a long shaft carved into rock.

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All the capital cities in the world are built near oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, or at least near a major trade route.After a shared period of national experience, they coalesced into an identity known as the French.More or less, this scenario works for every nation.(There are major trade routes crisscrossing Israel at this time.There is the Kings Highway, which is one of the major trade routes in the ancient Middle East, running from the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea to Damascus.