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There are actual several scenarios that play out here, and it all actually depends on what stage you’re at in your Magic career.The Pro – At this point, there’s plenty of stuff about you on the internet so lying is pointless.Try and say some really witty things on her wall and hopefully she’ll “like” it. However, if the girl is dating someone you don’t know, well then, all bets are off.Note – don’t get angry when you start to see the number of Mutual Friends you have multiply, as this is a very popular method and it’s bound to happen. As Frank TJ Mackey would say, “you can’t blame a squirrel for wanting to get a nut”. “Excuse me, are you alright, I couldn’t help but over hear what just happened” “Oh, yeah, that’s just my boyfriend, it’s nothing” “Are you sure, because no one deserves to be spoken to like that, especially someone as beautiful as you” [blushes] “thank you, god really?Winners give off a different musk than losers, and women respond to that.There’s a reason Team Channelfireball wear the same shirt to every event, it’s not because they’re advertising the site, it’s because Brad Nelson’s BO is like Spanish fly.

The semi-Pro (aka The Calcano Conundrum) – This is a terrible place to be in as a Magic player looking to be in a relationship because you’ve done just enough to be on the internet, but not enough to actually brag about any of your accomplishments.

Lying: Now I know what you’re thinking – “is lying to a woman the best way to start out a relationship? “Sure I have a condom” “I’m leaving for Afghanistan in the morning” “Yes, I am Dave Williams” If you meet a woman that you think might be interested in you, your best bet is to simply never mention Magic.

” Well, probably not, but many of the best one night stands have started out with a lie . In general, you want to go to her place (because obviously you don’t want her to know where you live), but always make sure your collection is hidden for those rare moments when you’re forced to retire to your place for the evening.

Present yourself well Gym shorts in the winter are not a look that screams “I’m sexy!

” Any good that might come from winning a big tournament will get instantly un-done if you’re photographed looking like this. It wasn’t because he had a license to kill; it was because he wore a tuxedo everywhere he went.