Datingmakeover com

I’ve spent months working with clients on the process.

But it includes all the steps you need for a fresh start, and there’s no reason you can’t DIY it.

In my view, there are few things more compelling than a set of Before and After photos.

I’m really into design and lifestyle blogs – they’re full of great ideas for decorating, organizing your space, and DIY projects.

If she can figure out a way to hit reset, she can wipe the slate clean and present a much more together, secure self to the world.

Strategically speaking, that’s a very strong position to be in.

She feels discouraged but sees no way to improve things, which keeps her trapped in a cycle of failed dating attempts.

A few simple tweaks and a well cut suit or dress can sometimes be the difference of a first or second date.I’m going to share with you my template for a total dating makeover.I don’t mean to suggest you can get this done over the weekend.It’s a more abstract concept and obviously not conducive to great photos.But most of us crave a fresh start at one time or another, and sometimes we wish we could hit the reset button on our dating lives. Though the visual isn’t as compelling as Apartment Therapy’s photos, I created a chart to illustrate how life-changing a dating makeover can be: Does any part of the “Before” description resonate for you?